About Us


Creating experiences that will affect the world


Goldove Entertainment is a multinational conglomerate specializing in forming culture and entertainment through our primary areas of business which include film (Goldove Pictures), music (Goldove Records), and fashion (Lydgio Fashion Group).


Goldove Entertainment is devoted to delivering high-quality content and products to mainstream audiences worldwide and building our portfolio of commercial products and marquee media properties.  Additionally, the corporation makes strategic alliances with and investments in multimedia and entertainment related companies and assets.


Currently, Goldove Entertainment has ten feature film projects in the developmental stages for proposed worldwide releases over the next five years. In addition, within the next two years, Goldove Records will be releasing two full length music albums and several projects slated for 2021 in our other specialized divisions.

Our Services


We strive to produce award-winning feature films through high quality entertainment and thought provoking content.


Goldove Records consists of talented artists, film composers, song writers and produces that inspire the world.


Lydgio Fashion Group is a Goldove company making its mark in both the world of film and high fashion.


Goldove is an investor and is part of a conglomerate of investors for both feature-length films and TV series.

Executive Team

Lynda McKoy,
President and CEO

Hudson McKoy,
Vice President

Gino McKoy, CCO

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